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Did you know that right now in this moment, chances are that half of the world's population is wearing jeans? Denim has become iconic, and it is steeped in history. From its humble beginnings as a workwear piece hailing from Italy and france (Genoa, Italy made pants from a denim-like material, not a far stretch from the word jeans, and in Nimes you have a robust fabric, which everything coming from becomes known as 'de Nimes' literally meaning from Nimes, you can start to see the founding of denim jeans in these words).

Synonomous with America, Jeans were the workwear pieces of choice and solidified their importance with patented copper rivets in the right places. Jeans were rough and tough making them great for all workers at this time. Later, they became symbols of youth rebellion, or even Ivy style. You see, the history is long and varied but no matter what or why the reason, it is undeniable that we all love our jeans.

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