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Men's pants

Apart from othe jeans department, we also have a wide range of pants. Curated here are some styles from brands which we love.

Chinos:  These pants, which became popular in the 19th century as part of military uniforms, but today serves as a great fit in the office our out on the town.

Heritage: Also here are historical pieces, recreated from scraps from the past, inspirations which define what we call heritage style. Often workwear inspired, these items are timeless which is no wonder why they remain popular today.

Western: We all want to be cowboys! But the ranchers didn't wear just jeans, no, they had a range in style which utilized other fabrics than denim which were also advantageous when on the farm, and riding out under the sunset.

Workwear: Both contemporary and modern, a good workwear pant can't be underestimated. We love those with double knees, an extra layer of fabric for a robust garment capable of taking abuse and still able to hold up to any condition.