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Red Wing Shoes & Boots

Red Wing Shoes 4331 Riders Room Ironranger

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Red Wing

Red Wing Shoes 4331 Riders Room Iron Ranger will be launched on the 27th of February
Special limeted edition of the iconic Iron Ranger, created together with “Riders Room” in Hamburg for their 25- year anniversary. Some special features that stand out are he green Vibram sole, hardware and sage triple stitching.

In 1905 Charles H. Beckman, with the help of 14 local investors, started his shoe factory in
Red Wing Minnesota. The idea was to make quality work boots for farmers, workers, miners,
and everyone else who might need a solid boot which could endure rough and tough
Red Wing boots and the town proper gets it name from the native peoples there, namely Chief
Red Wing of the Mdewakanton Dakota tribe, a sub-tribe of the Dakota (Sioux). The chief
went by many monikers: Tatankamani (The wandering buffalo) and Sakiya (He who paints
red). The name Red Wing came from the tradition of dyeing the tail feathers adorning his
headdress red. When worn it conveyed honor and respect that one was a warrior and chief.
When the First World War broke out in 1914, Red Wing began producing the 1088 trench
boot for the army, a sturdy boot which repelled the wet and cold mud of the trenches. The
boot became so popular for these characteristics that production continued well after the war
had ended. History repeated itself and war broke out once more, and Red Wing answered the
call of duty, producing boots for the armed forces once again.
1952 was a landmark year for Red Wing, as it saw the inception of the first ‘Moc
Toe’—model 877 8-inch Classic Moc Toe. The design was inspired by moccasins, an homage
to the native tribes, yet the name ‘Irish Setter’ became synonymous with these boots, as the
leather carried the same patina as the legendary hunting dog of the same name. The boot was
made especially for this purpose, hunting. The high 8” leather uppers acted not only for
support, but also worked to shield the foot from snake bites. The characteristic white sole,
‘Traction Tred’, was formed specially so that it would not get bogged down in muck and wet
soils. Attributes that were not only appreciated by hunters, but also too by farmers and others
working in wet muddy conditions. Later on, Red Wing introduced the 6” model which has
become more or less a contemporary icon as far as boot silhouettes are concerned. Today,
over 20 different variations on the Moc Toe have been released.
In the 1970’s the boot left the fields and headed into town, becoming increasingly popular
with the youth, actors, and musicians. One of the most memorable wearers is Jack
Nicholson’s character R.P. McMurphy from the film, One Flew Over The the Cuckoo's Nest.
Wearing a pair of Levi’s 501 jeans, watch cap beanie, and a pair of reliable Red Wing 877
Moc Toes, he tried to crush the system from within. Mixed results, but he sure was looking
In 2008 Red Wing launched the Heritage line, a new department at the factory in Red Wing,
Minnesota. Old archival boots and shoes are recreated, bringing back the special pedigree that
Red Wing has had for decades. Today these boots are world famous accessories within the
fashion world and beyond, all ages, all sizes. Truly a boot that is made to last.