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Book a private shopping hour at HepCat Store

In these hard times we have to take care of each other. Support your favorite stores, restaurants and other establishments that you want to be there at the end of this . We are still open as usual and the web store is always open! Stay safe!

Book a private hour

For extra safety you can book a private hour in the store weekdays 9-10 where you will be guaranteed to be the only customer.
As this is a new service hours are pretty open. To request your hour just send us an email at or call us at +46 46 211 14 49
No obligations to buy anything and coffee is on the house!
We do of course require you to be free of COVID-19 symptoms and that you let us know if you are later prevented to come

Not just for the risk groups

Booking a private hour with no other customers in the store is a really good idea if you are part of any group with the risk of getting severe effects of COVID-19, BUT you are very welcome to book even if you just want the privacy and our service to your self for the hour.