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Viva Vertigo - Viva Viva (LP)

Bad Afro Records

Viva Vertigo is the brainchild of singer/songwriter Simon Beck who under the moniker Viva Vertigo has put together a strong team of musicians to perform the songs on his debut album. The songs on Viva Viva have a timeless quality to them and finds inspiration in a wide range of sounds from the 60´s to the present. Viva Vertigo combine upbeat rockers like ´´Devilhead´´ and ´´Viva Viva´´ with melodic baritone songs like ´´Jaguar Tornado´´ with great ease and the album sounds cohesive although the songs can be everything from dreamy, shamelessly poppy tunes to right on guitar rock with a ghostrider touch. Produced by Sune Rose Wagner from The Raveonettes and the album also features Mick Grondahl (ex- Jeff Buckley Band).
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