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Holiday Fun Club - EISBÄR (12´´ Maxi Single)

Sounds of Subterrania

Swedish band records song in German? Yes it´s true! Latest release from Holiday Fun Club features the classic Neue Deutsche Welle song ´´Eisbär´´ by Grauzone and two great new tracks tracks from HFC. Holiday Fun Club has played ´´Eisbär´´ live a couple of times and the demand for their version on a record has been massive. Played with the intensity and power from HFC without forgetting the essence of the original makes this a very heavy 12´´ Maxi Single. The other two songs on this record is in the true Holiday Fun Club spirit. ´´Thieves Of Leipzig´´ is the band´s tribute to a band member that disappeared on the last tour they did in Germany. They recorded this track just moments before the disappearance and the member haven´t been seen since. With a lot of cow bells, a-go-go´s and funky bass lines the third song ´´Shattered Glass´´ is a true song for the dance floor and will be played at clubs all
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