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Charta 77 - Den Sista Måltiden (Pink Vinyl) - LP
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Charta 77 - Den Sista Måltiden (Pink Vinyl) - LPCharta 77 - Den Sista Måltiden (Pink Vinyl) - LP

Charta 77 - Den Sista Måltiden (Pink Vinyl) - LP

Wild Kingdom

In the shadow of the brevity of life and the wing beat of the moment, we meet the unexpected. "Den Sista Måltiden" is a trembling punk explosion that shakes up the boredom of everyday life, with an ambition to ignite a redemptive spark in the listener to awaken his latent, dormant primeval power. The lyrics throw us into a whirling tornado that passes through socially engaged thoughts and life's decisive turning points. With a straighter sound than in a long time and a bubbling, pulsating energy, Charta 77 invites the listener to a new musical party, where every note is serious and every chorus creates an irresistible desire to sing along. So sit down and experience "Den Sista Måltiden" - a sonic orgy in Charta 77's musical landscape.

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