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C-Types - Something Awkward / Do The Bird - 7´´

Time For Action Records

Dash! Dash! Bang! ...with a Kraut-Trash spectacle of another kind, The C-Types are dancing with the devil. Somewhere in the pentagram between the Cramps, stoned B-52s, hungry Doors, suffering Serge Gainsbourg and the Marx Brothers, where the sheer lunacy lives, the C-Types kick up the dust and their sound buries itself deep in your skull. The infernal trio´s first single ´Something Awkward´ was recorded and produced in London at the legendary Toe Rag Studios by Mr. Liam Watson himself (White Stripes, The Kills, Jon Spencer). ´´It´s newer than New, it´s youer than You, it´s nower than Now and it´s wower than WOW!´´
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