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Forndom - Fair (Gold Vinyl) - LP
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Forndom - Fair (Gold Vinyl) - LPForndom - Fair (Gold Vinyl) - LP

Forndom - Faþir (Gold Vinyl) - LP


The cycle of life and nature is a precious and wondrous thing. We are born. We learn. We live. We die. And after death, another life awaits. When the world succumbs to the cold and dark grasp of winter, the promise of a spring birthing everything anew keeps hope alive. Such is the journey we make, and such is the lifespan of "Fair". Heaving, pulsating, filled with contrasts. Ardent hostility and fiery revenge, blossoming life and lush fertility, soul-wrenching grief and deep anguish. Such is the path we walk, under the guidance of the deities. The helping hand of a father. The nurturing wisdom in times of need. But, sometimes, a treacherous god who leads us into death and despair - albeit always with an underlying purpose. Such is "Fair".

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