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Toasters - Skaboom! - CD

Megalith Records

This release was the first Megalith Records Toasters re-issues (please visit for a full discography). Every songs from all the past Skaboom! release have been included here, as well as a never before released song (the song is a live track of which no studio track exists) ´´Calling All The Rude Boys´´ featuring the great Joe Jackson. Being the first full length Toasters record (demo tapes, 7inches and 12inch EPs had only been released prior to the original Skaboom!), this album was and still is a pivotal record in the history of American and even global ska music releases. Setting the foundation for what many would base their sound off of in the late 80s and early 90s, Skaboom! laid the ground work for what would become The Toasters powerhouse of horn driven ska music and the creation of the NY / East Coast ska sound.
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