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Sneaky Pete & Cool Cats - Bound To Rock - CD

ILEN Records

Formed in 1987 by Benny & Mats after being influenced by bands such as Stray Cats, Restless, Johnny & the Roccos and others. Started out as a quartett with Tommy Widén and Roger Johansson. Peter joined in after some time as lead singer and then gigs started to roll in. Released ´´SNEAKY PETE AND THE COOL CATS´´ as a cassette in 1993 and followed it up with CD´s ´´REFUSE TO LOOSE´´ 1995 and ´´DO THE BOP´´ 1996. During recording sessions for the ´´MOTOVATIN´´´ CD in 1999 Bjorn joined in for some piano on a couple of songs and later on Markus replaced Roger behind the drums. Since the band started to record at ILEN Records they have released CD-single ´´PARTY TONIGHT!!!´´ 2005 and the album ´´KNOCKING ON YOUR DOOR´´ 2007. Along with this they moved more into writing songs on their own and there are also some recordings to be found on the compilation albums ´´ROCK FROM VALLEY COU
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