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Quakes - Quiff Rock - CD

Orrexx Records

We have a little piece of music history living here in Phoenix in the form of Paul Roman, vocalist and guitarist of seminal psychobilly band The Quakes. Formed in 1986 in Buffalo, New York, The Quakes were one of the first American psychobilly bands - influential enough to get constant props these days from Tiger Army frontman Nick 13 and innovative enough to have to move to London for a break, because Buffalo had no psychobilly scene when the fierce threesome started slapping the crap out of upright basses in the ´80s. Roman´s lived in the Valley for about 10 years, but his bandmates, bassist Kenny Hill and drummer Mike Minnick, live in other cities, so a local show by The Quakes is a rare event. Lucky for us, the tornado trio will be rocking the joint at Chasers this Wednesday, playing songs off their latest album, Quiff Rock!, a reissue with eight extra songs. Fans of the creeping low-end will dig the burly bass grooves in songs like ´´Rockabilly Guy,´´ horro
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