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Punk As A Doornail - Flogging The Punk Horse - CD

Zodiac Killer Records

P.A.A.D. is an incredible, two-piece joke band from Orange County that performs goofy, stupid, brilliant, crass, punk as hell anthems like ´´Bloody Gumballs´´ and ´´Dead As A Sad Snail´´. The guitarist supposedly (fer sher does!!-pic. of ´´skatar´´ on cd)* plays a guitar converted from an old skateboard, which goes beyond funny and into the realm of honestly awesome. Most 13 year olds in bands write more mature lyrics than these guys, but there´s nothing more enduring than aging rockers singing about giving mothers a break on Mother´s Day by not raping or punching them in the face. I´m in love with this timeless folly.
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