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NYMF - Nymf (CD)

Transubstans Records

Is a heavy rockband from south Sweden, stationed in the small town of Karlshamn. The band was formed around 2007 by the singer, Niklas Sjöberg (also the singer from ´´The Graviators´´) And the guitarist, Kristofer Stjernquist. Their music idea was to create a mix of the genres they loved the most - Doom, Stonerrock and Metal. In 2008 NYMF recorded their first demo with Johan Blomström (Kaptain Sun, Spice and the RJ Band, Faith ao). At the Soundpalace studio in Svängsta. They got a very nice review of their demo in the swedish ´´CLOSE-UP MAGAZINE and SWEDEN ROCK MAGAZINE´´ Thomas Tjäder and Daniel Larsson Addictive Alliance (At the Gates, In Flames, Soilwork, The Haunted etc) have made their first music video Man´s End. And this very demo happened to fall in the tastes of Transubstans Records. NYMF´s eagerly awaited debut album will be released 2010-10-10. They will also star for the second time in Close-Up Magazine (#125).
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