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McRackins - In On The Yolk! - CD


Working in the tradition of such deliberately stoopid punk pioneers as the Ramones and the Dickies, B.C.´s McRackins strikes me as a cartoon-punk Banana Splits for the ´90s, its winking irreverence, minor romantic tragedies, and giddy good humor complemented by nonstop power-pop energy and a winning way with a melody. Best-defined, in musical terms, by their own anthem ´´Bubblepunk,´´ the McRackins are always willing to let the audience in on the yolk...and it´s impossible not to crack a smile. From the vintage Undertones tribute of ´´The Great Vegetable Dilemma´´ and the shattered teen romance of ´´Dear John´´ to the abject acoustic silliness of ´´Pressed Ham,´´ by striving so mightily for complete disposability, the group instead makes itself irresistibly indispensable.
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