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INVSN - The Beautiful Stories - LP
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INVSN - The Beautiful Stories - LP

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Few other bands than INVSN have better conducted the heritage of the now legendary '90s hardcore scene in Umea, Sweden. I's members have come together from a wide variety of influential Swedish bands. Sara Almgren hails from Masshysteri, Christina Karlsson from Tiger Forest Cat, Anders Stenberg is a member of Deportees, Andre Sandstrom was in D.S.-13 and Dennis Lyzxen started out in the mythological punk outfit Refused. INVSN has always had a political message, but few other songwriters have the ability to add additional dimensions of existential struggle and soul-searching like Dennis Lyxzen. In our time, when many moral and deeply humanistic values are being challenged by right-wing movements all over the world, INVSN is a necessary outcry from a counter-culture that has far from given up. Their music might be rich in anger, but the belief that a change could be carried out is never far away.
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