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Sweet Emma And The Mood Swingers - Turn it up! - CD

HepTown Records

Yes, Sisters and Brothers - what you are about to hear on this album is pure and honest music with lots of joy and happiness. Just the way it should be, but seldom is.

I can assure you; Sweet Emma and her groovy Mood Swingers know exactly what they are doing. They keep the melodies in focus and the harmonies in total control, which means the chord changes are solid as a rock and the improvisations soar with creativity and personality. There is no doubt that they pour their hearts into their music. And, last but absolutely not least, they know how to swing!

1. Lillie Mae (Lewis/Bartholomew)
2. Slippin´ And Slidin´ (Penniman/Collins/Bocage/Smith)
3. So Good To Be Back (Söderberg/Thunström)
4. Chicago Boogie (Harper)
5. Mumbles Blues (Bascombe)
6. April In Arkansas (Rose)
7. Drinkin´ at 2:05 (Thunström/Berglund)
8. Wrong Lake To Catch A Fish (Willis)
9. Hoodo Hill (Söderberg/Thunström)
10. One Hit Won
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