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J Tex & the Volunteers - Lost between clouds of tumbleweed & sp

HepTown Records

In 2001 J. Tex founded the band the Volunteers, and based in Copenhagen, Denmark, the band has been playing this scene for a few years now and have quite a reputation as a fabulous lifeband. His debut the album Lost between clouds of tumbleweed and space´´ was recorded in Sing Sing Studio, produced, arranged and recorded by J.TEX in the summer of 2005.

1. Day By Day
2. Nine Pound Hammer*
3. White Paper Lane
4. What A Bummer
5. Left With Someone Dear...
6. My Kind Of Town
7. Me And Bobby McGee**
8. Bring U Down, Down
9. Sometimes I Feel Like An Angel
10. Tennessee
11. Going Back To Menphis
12. Deep, Deep Valley
13. Good Morning, Mr Railroadman***
14. Baby Tonight

J. Tex & the Volunteers are:

J.Tex - Leadvocal, Guitars, Banjo, Mandolin.
Frank Borgaard - Bass, Banjo, Backing vocal.
Jason Bednard/Jens Jones - Percussion, Drums, Backing vocal.
Peter Knudsen - Lap steel, Guitar
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