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Elvis Presley - That´s Alright

This is a nice collection of Elvis early recordings for Sun Records and RCA. It includes many legendary recordings including one of the first rock and roll records ´´That´s Alright Mama´´ and its flip side ´´Blue Moon Of Kentucky´´, which was actually the bigger hit on Memphis radio stations. It also includes his first national number 1 single ´´I Forgot To Remember To Forget´´ which went to number 1 on the US Country chart in 1955. Of course it has his first rock hit and the song that started a musical revolution ´´Heartbreak Hotel´´ along with what some consider to be the first ´´hard´´ rock song ´´Hound Dog´´ which was very hard for 1956. All-in-all this is a solid collection if you don´t already own most of these songs on various other Elvis releases.
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