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Schleprock - Learning To Fall - CD

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SoCal punk outfit SCHLEPROCK formed when the LA music scene was in a slump. Looking to change that, vocalist Doug Kane and guitarist Jeff Graham aimed for a strong rock unit in 1989, and within a year Ernie Berru (drums) and Sean Romin (guitarist) made it complete. Several 7´´ singles, such as ´´Do It All´´ and ´´Long Time Ago´´ were issued on Nemesis in 1991 and the band rollicked right on through countless gigs across North America. At a time grunge was king, SCHLEPROCK released the melodic hardcore ´´Propeller´´ on Dr. Strange in 1994 and continued to build a name for themselves. Bass player Dean Wilson was added to the lineup in 1995 and SCHLEPROCK´s heavy punk snarl got bigger. Warner Bros. took notice and signed the band in 1996. Was SCHLEPROCK on their way to joining the ´´alternative´´ rock scene alongside Rancid and Green Day? Nah, they were far too nasty for such candy punk, and (America´s) Dirty
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