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HISSYFITS - Wish You Were Here.. (7´´)

Sounds of Subterrania

After coming together through New York City´s Village Voice several years ago to ´´just have some fun,´´ The Hissyfits have endured and matured into one of their generation´s more significant punk-powered, pop-rock prizes. Through line-up changes and music industry mayhem, Hissyfits lead singer and guitarist Holly Jacobs has kept The Hissyfits phenomenon steadily growing with heartfelt anthems of misfortune and fortitude. The Hissyfits´ universal themes of utter anguish tempered with pure pop perfection captivate innumerable knowing misfits, scorned lovers, and survivors worldwide. Amazingly, their first 7´´ vinyl record wound up in the hands of legendary rock critic Greil Marcus who instantly proclaimed their music ´´Pop-When It´s Perfect!´´ in Interview Magazine, and their first full-length EP, Letters From Frank (Top Quality Rock and Roll), debuted in July 2001 on the CMJ core radio chart at #65, far above more well-known bands
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