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Duck Tails and Car Culture - Book

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In 1981 Raymond Mosken went to a concert with the band Stray Cats. At that time he was a photographer for a music magazine and had the opportunity to meet and photograph famous musicians such as Screeming Jay Hawkins, Roy Orbison, Jerry Lee Lewis, Robert Gordon and others. Musicians such as Robert Gordon and bands like Stray Cats were significant in the new blooming of the rockabilly culture in Europe and Scandinavia. Over the years Raymond Mosken photographed the car culture, nudes, the fashion, the hairstyles, burlesque stripping, and other activities of the rockabilly culture, and started travelling abroad to Sweden, Berlin and to the United States, and the biggest and most important rockabilly festival in the world, Viva Las Vegas. This book collects Raymond Mosken amazing photographs of the rockabilly lifestyle, and the remains of one of the first youth subcultures dating back to the early 1950s and James Dean´s legendary movie Rebel Without a Cause. With photographs of known
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