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United by Blue

United by Blue is a brand that in several ways wants to make a difference to our nature. They only work with GOTS-certified factories and sustainably produced materials so that their products have as long a lifespan as possible. They make it easy to be a sustainable consumer by making products that can replace the use of disposable items, which in many cases end up in nature after use.
United by Blue wants to make a difference

What drives United by Blue is the acute situation around marine pollution and the willingness to take care of all the plastic that is in and around aquatic environments that pollute beaches and drinking water and suffocate animals and nature. There is in their DNA to do the work that must be done, so in addition to a sustainable production of their range, they take responsibility by organizing events that bring people together to jointly clean up waterfront areas. They want to show that if a single company can make a difference, so can a single person.