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Max Rohr x Maglificio G.R.P

Max Rohr for G.R.P.

There's the high fashion cities like Paris or New York, and then there is Florence. Unlike the big cities, Florence has a softer and slightly more mystical feel which is reflected in its current art and fashion. Max Rohr is the epitome of this. As a painter and street stylist, his designed knitwear continues to push the bounderies and influences men’s fashion with a true and down to earth presence on the street. His dreams and creations are brought to life and given focus by master knitters Maglificio G.R.P. Maglificio G.R.P. A knitwear factory founded in Tuscany in 1973. G.R.P. has developed an approach to traditional work combined with a contemporary taste for classics. The creation and production of the garments are concentrated in the carmignano company, on the Medici hills, places rich in history, artistic and agro-food traditions.Their highly specialized workforce is driven by the same passion that the craftsman imprints on each piece declaring a boundless love for his land.

Like its creator this collection of knitted items is equally at home among the pinnacles of the high dolomites and on the pavé of the streets where once Leonardo stood.

This is not so much a ‘collection’ but more an evolution of techniques and ideas shared with the legendary artisan knitting workshops of G.R.P.. Located near to Florence this band of workers do their magic on Max Rohr’s designs that only happen after much comparative collecting of ancient garments followed by testing in the field by Mr Rohr himself. Constructed from those wool yarns that knit the best and produce soft, functional and beautiful sweaters, this series of timeless designs offers a unique melange of colour, texture and style that echos the past but looks to the future.

Max Rohr x Maglificio G.R.P