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Girls of Dust

Girls of Dust - Spring Summer 2021
Dont get left behind in the dust, Girls of dust is the premier line of womens clothing in northern Europe and naturally, the sister branch of Eat Dust clothing. 
The G.O.D collection is deeply inspired by vintage workwear, military functionality, and iconic menswear, but beautifully transformed into contemporary and modern pieces, in such a manner that is both timeless and radical. A metamorohasis of influences that pushes the boundries on womens fashion. 
Built around key fundamental stories, these collections aim to create a perfect  wardrobe; interchangable core pieces and continuous items will re-appear in different qualities and a select few key pieces will be added seasonally. All the while, limited fabrics and cuts, together with an ever evolving image and sources of inspiration, will help to shape the future of this collection, leaving others in the dust. 
Girls of dust is easy to wear and as strong as the women who wear them. Bold, brazen, beautiful. 
Crafted in Portugal with fabrics selected from Europe & Japan , G.o.D. is dedicated to bring quality and durability that will stand the test of time, ensuring this wardrobe will never get dusty.