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Chippewa Boots

Chippewa Boots was founded in 1901, in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. The name of the shoe company Chippewa is the same as the local Indian tribe of the region. Chippewa Boots has since its start produced high quality boots for hard working men and women. To this day Chippewa Boots is still dedicated to use only the finest materials, as a tribute to the men and women who helped build the company over the years.

Chippewa work boots quickly gained recognition throughout America as the best quality work boots for the rugged outdoors. The reputation of the high quality Chippewa boots provided an opportunity to expand the Chippewa boot company to also include motorcycle boots and outdoor boots. The expansion let Chippewa distribute their boots all over America.

All of Chippewa’s boots was inspired by the workers who built America. Every boot model that Chippewa produced is named after its inspiration source, for example the very popular Chippewa Engineer boot. Other popular Chippewa boot models are The Logger, The Bridgemen, The service boot and The Mountaineer boot.  

Chippewa Boots is plain and simple: "The Best. By Far."

Chippewa Boots