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Ottosson Färgmakeri

Ottoson Färgmakeri

Ottosson's linseed oil soap is self-made and handcrafted from Swedish cold-pressed linseed oil. It is a local product for us, and done right in our backyard, using timeless techniques to make a product that is all-purpose. Just the kind of stuff we like. These soaps do it all, and best of all are good for the environment by saving on the transportation of regional waters to the rest of the world- ahh the beauties of doing it the old fashioned way! It is cleansing and rejuvenates the skin. The low pH value (9-10) makes the soap gentle and gentle on hands and feet, it's good for washing your pets, clothes, cars, homes, whatever is dirty and needs a good deep clean. Contains potassium-soaped linseed oil fatty acids and water. The soap is very oily and does not dry out the skin.