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C-Types - Something Awkward / Do The Bird - 7''

Time For Action Records

Dash! Dash! Bang! ...with a Kraut-Trash spectacle of another kind, The C-Types are dancing with the devil. Somewhere in the pentagram between the Cramps, stoned B-52s, hungry Doors, suffering Serge Gainsbourg and the Marx Brothers, where the sheer lunacy lives, the C-Types kick up the dust and their sound buries itself deep in your skull. The infernal trio's first single 'Something Awkward' was recorded and produced in London at the legendary Toe Rag Studios by Mr. Liam Watson himself (White Stripes, The Kills, Jon Spencer). ''It's newer than New, it's youer than You, it's nower than Now and it's wower than WOW!''
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