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Svante Sjöblom & The Sailors - I Guess My Troubles Just.. - CD


Svante Sjöblom is a veteran on the Scandinavian blues scene.The past six-seven years this brilliant singer and guitar playerhas toured all over Scandinavia and played clubs and most ofthe major blues festivals. He's also received prestigious awardslike the Fjellis Award & Junior Blues Prize at Åmål Blues Festivaland the John Jackson Scholarship. Svante Sjöblom was born 1984.»I Guess My Troubles Just Begun« is the debut album by SvanteSjöblom. - For years everybody's been asking for an album,but I didn't want to record until I felt ready, says Svante. Svante'smusic is based on the pre-war music of the American south.Blues of course, but also old time country, gospel and ragtime.In his record collection you will find names like Skip James,Blind Willie McTell, Charley Patton and Mississippi John Hurt...Svante has learned his trade by listening to the old time masters.Hours and hours of practicing and as many live gigs as possiblehave made this young talent an extremely ski
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