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El Ray - Holiday On Ice (10'')

HepTown Records

What happens when you replace the sunny side of life and Californian lifestyle with a recording session during a blizzard in Copenhagen, Denmark, January, 2006? In enters El Ray. The Scandinavian surfers that already have made their own mark within the surfing circles of SURF since 2001. It's been two years since their latest release 'Tick...Tick...Tick...' that proved the band to be a serious contender in writing and performing modern instrumentals that would make your hifi-stereo A GO-GO!! This time around the band begin where they left off by introducing you to half an hour of goosebumps and hair raising instro-surf. This makes 'Holiday on Ice' a dynamic, cool punked up surfrelease with a huge spoonful of rock'n'roll and a tad indie to make everybody happy when 'it's better to be surf than sorry'.
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