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Gentle Tuesday - Chanson De Geste (7´´)

I gotta say, big ups for the Swedes. I´ve been in something of an orgy of Svenska Pop lately, having just consumed the entirety of the recent The Complete Studio Recordings box set by ABBA, DVDs and all, but just in general, big fan of our Nordic friends. Love the Volvo, especially the really boxy old ones. Love me some lingonberries. Oddly fond of IKEA. But for me, the best thing about Sweden is that in the ´90s, there was an actual government program where you could apply for a grant for your band and if you were accepted, you´d get money for instruments and recording time. I don´t remember if Gentle Tuesday benefited from this remarkable display of socialistic largesse (I received this single as part of a demo package for my label, which I turned down because this was the only one of their songs I really liked), but ´´Chanson de Geste´´ is a perfect example of where Swedish pop was circa 1995: trumpet, organ, acoustic guitars and an agreeably weedy, t
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