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 Krimtänk - Ditt Fel EP (White) - 7´
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Krimtänk - Ditt Fel EP (White) - 7"

Pike Records

Thirteen tracks of light speed Scandi-blast crammed onto one slick-looking piece of white wax. These Swedes seem laser-focused on MOB 47-style trash, but there's a primitive Italian hardcore vibe that keeps derailing them in the best possible way. The recording varies (slightly) throughout, which puts everything just a touch on edge, but when the bass rumbles into the intro of "Lips På TV," I don't give a shit about anything except the incoming assault. The record looks incredible as well-hi-gloss white sleeve and insert plastered with illustrations that I can only describe as "refined adult crust." I deserve ridicule for writing that, KRIMTÄNK deserves accolades for writing Ditt Fel.
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