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Vic Du Monte´s Persona Non Grata - Barons & Bankers - LP

Go Down Records

''Barons & bankers'' is a blow on those responsible for the world crisis, seen through the punk attitude and the anger of someone who grew up in garages. Even when this fourtet plays a ballad (''Truth and Consequence'') there is an underlying angst, common in those who got the blues. Yet another strong feature of this record is post punk, delivered both in a visceral, heartfelt way as in the challanging and pounding ''Raising to the Round'' and in a more intellectual Talking-Heads-like way in the groovy ''70og box''. While the rock'n'roll suggestions in ''Running to the Moon'' may heavily hint to The Clash, possibly mixed with a 50s style, in ''Vanished from the scene'' the band is let loose on a wild beat ride, with some very good blues in it. Listening to ''Barons & bankers'' is the best way to kick-start the new year!
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