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Big Time Swing is the debut album of Bobbe Big Band. It was released during the eventful anniversary year 2015. With this record BBB would like to say thank you for 10 great years, inviting you to dance. Time to swing those furry legs of yours!

Bobbe Big Band was formed 2005 originating in the student world of Lund. The big band has performed with renowned soloists like Janne Schaffer, Fredrik Kronkvist, Vincent Nilsson, José Gil Pinera Leygoniel, Miriam Aïda, Kjeld Lauritsen, Ola Åkerman, Niklas Fredin and Lasse Lindgren. BBB is in the habit of making it big. The All That Jazz concerts usually involves a symphonic orchestra and gospel choir, sometimes with 100 musicians on stage. The band also performs at proms, weddings, disputations, PH.D. ceremonies and other dance events.

Robin "Bobbe" Hellström is the musical director, conductor, arranger, inspiration and driving soul of Bobbe Big Band. Since the start he has led the band through a great number of musical challenges and adventures. He's from the tiny suburb Sandsbro, 5 km outside Växjö.

Track listing:
1. Orange Colored Sky
2. Accentuate the Positive
3. Stop! The Red Light's On
4. Why Don't You Do Right
5. Non Stop Flight
6. Glory of Love
7. Alright Okay You Win
8. Jump Time
9. Big Time
10. On a Show Boat to China
11. I Can't Belive That You Are
12. In the Cool Cool of Evening
13. Well Get It!
14. Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me
15. Call Me Irresponsible
16. Bad Bad Leroy Brown
17. Hot Toddy
18. A-Tisket A-Tasket
19. Yes Indeed
20. On the Sunny Side of the Street
21. Clementine
22. Walking My Baby Back Home
23. Dream a Little Dream of Me


Bobbe Big Band
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