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Jitter-Bal with Steve & Heidi - Bal-Swing Footwork

JitterBal Bal-Swing Footwork Instructional DVD

You can learn to Swing Dance in the privacy of your own home with...

2005 National Jitterbug Champions
2005 International Bal-Swing Champions
2003 California Balboa Champions

Steve & Heidi!

Kick your Bal-Swing into high gear with footwork for all your favorite Bal-Swing moves with some fantastic new moves to liven the dance up.

01 The New & Improved Transition
02 Lead´s Transition Variation
03 Kick Ball Change Come Around
04 Follow´s Leg Swoop
05 Tango Drags
06 Hitch Twist Drips
07 Twist Dip with Follow Steal
08 Lead´s Triples Lollies Variation
09 Cross Cross Lollies Variation
10 Follow´s Behind Behind Variation
11 Follow´s Behind Pivot Variation
12 Lead´s Lollies Slide Variation
13 Follow´s Cross Over Triples
14 Flyin´ Bal-Swing
15 Charleston Bal-Swing
16 Demonstration T
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