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Vintage Torque Magazine #04

Vintage Torque Magazine

Greaserama is the focus of this issue! This is one of the ´´must attend´´ events in the midwestsponsored by Los Punk Rods. Every Labor Day weekend at the Boulevard Drive In in Kansas City,there is a good time to be had. This year was no exception! Check out the hot rods, kustoms, andsome of the club members cars on the rides side. Flip the book over to see some of the artists thatwere featured at the Art Show that always takes place at the Greaserama. This year Doug Dorr wasone of the guest artists attending the show (all the way from California) and there was original art ondisplay by 3 Sheets. So these are the 2 artists that contributed to our covers. The art side this timealso features segments on Dorr, 3 Sheets, Nick Sinclair, Photography of Ryan Yoakum, and somehistory with pix from the Armbruster collection. Another cool digest size issue ready to ship to ya!
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