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DicE Magazine issue 58

DicE Magazine

You know that one episode of Happy days where Fonzie is all like ´´Eeyyyyy someone has given me a stupid 70´s ear warmer haircut and a vinyl jacket even though this show is set in the 50s´´ and Potsie is all like ´´Geez Louise guys the 50s are the greatest and we should all just go to the sock hop and do the lindy hop bop´´ and then Ralph Malph pipes up with ´´Bite me douche you are retarded´´ then Joanie jumps in with ´´I heard that Chachi has a big one!´´ and then Al from Arnolds ends it with ´´Yeh Yeh Yeh Yeh...´´ You remember that one? Me too I hate that episode it was shite. What´s not shite is the new DicE,
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