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Henry Guitarframe

For Gibson Les Paul, Fender Telecaster and Fender Stratocaster

Skomakaren Henry and Jimmy have been working with leatherwork and shoe repair of Redwings and other shoes for more than 25 years, always a friend and staunch supporter of Hepcat. Henry, who also likes playing and collecting guitars, wanted to give these beautiful guitars a more genuine expression when it comes to storage and mounting. So he designed and built the Henry guitarframe. An ingenious design where the guitar is safe, both hanging and standing, all the while supported by a sturdy wall mount providing a solid construction. 

This frame is the perfect way to highlight the history and craftsmanship of this guitar. Its clever design insures optimal weight distribution without compromising aesthetics. Perfect for the professional and hobby guitarist alike.

All Henry Guitarframes are amde by hand in Lund, utilizing local hardware. All orders are bespoke, made to order, within 2 weeks.