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J. Tex - Misery - CD

HepTown Records

Looking back on summer 2008, Rob from Heptown Records and I had theidea of making a solo album of the music I had been playing on ourroad trips together the last few years. Rob and his great gang ofvolunteers, them selling Hot Rod magazines, blue jeans,t-shirts and music, we call it the "Heptown lifestyle", and me playingthe music. And we were selling my albums on these trips,meeting folks that loved the true country sound. We always had a placeto stay and a warm beer to drink.

When possible we brought along my band, J.Tex & the Volunteers, butmuch too often the costs ran too high, so going solo or as a duoproved to be an inexpensive way of getting out there meeting folks,playing the songs and having great fun.
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