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ReChords - Bottom Of The Barrel - 7''

El Toro Records

Known for their unique take on bluegrass, western swing, hillbilly and straight up rock n’ roll, Melbourne’s much loved trio The ReChords, return with a brand new 4 tracker under their belt entitled, ‘Bottom Of The Barrel’. This limited edition 7 inch vinyl EP has been compiled from a selection of tracks the trio recorded whilst on their first European Tour back in August/September, 2011 over a 3 day break in their tour schedule. With the assistance and vintage recording experience of Axel at Lightning Recorders, Berlin we ventured into the tube valve world of old style analogue to see what we could come up with.....so here is the result. With a bunch of original tunes and a couple of cracking covers, some German beer, sausage and the company of some new found friends they got down to business.
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