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John Whiteleather & The King Rats - Go Rat Go - LP

Part Records

John Whiteleather & The KING RATS were formed in Los Angeles in 1989 and began touring in Europe as a ROCKABILLY trio. The founding, member John Whiteleather, originally from Pennsylvania, began living in Sweden off and on in 91 and based the band there, while continuing to tour in both Europe and the US. The KING RATS have recorded several CD's releases on labels in Finland, Sweden and Germany with worldwide distribution, giving them exposure to a vast audience. The shows are action packed with a unique blend of Rock n Roll, Rockabilly and Country. Adding in alot of sing along and audience contact has made The KING RATS a cult band with a faithful following. The songs are catchy and have witty content that glorify the old fashioned art of rock and roll, cars, babes n boozin!
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