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DOME LA MUERTE - Supersadobabi - LP

Dome La Muerte, founding member of the legendary CCM (produced by Jello Biafra) ,Not Moving and Hush, doesn't really need to be introduced. He has toured across Europe with Nico , The Clash, Nick Cave and the Seeds , Johnny Thunder 's Heartbreackers , the Fleshtones and the Fuzztones . He participated with De Andrè, Sinatra and Gian Pieretti tribute to Allen Ginsberg held in Conegliano (Veneto) in '96. He has composed and played music for theater plays and films (including Salvatores' ''Nirvana'' ) . Since years, he works to promote the Native Americans culture, working on various projects with Lance Henson and John Trudell . He has more stories to tell then all the Italian rockers united. The Reverend of feedback is back now with the new DIGGERS' episode '' SUPERSADOBABI ''and a completely new line-up - the young Iride Volpi (guitar) , JP Palazzi (ex Hellvis ) on drums , Marco Serani on bass , (formerly The Homebreakers and already D
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