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Aunt Nelly - Shades Of Orange - LP

Time For Action Records

A trade in hand finds gold in every land' is an old adage, but for many people no longer present. It could therefore be reactivated again and anchoring in the zeitgeist. At least for the time being this album. The British manage with 12 songs a ''Golden Shower of Hits'' that has yet to be matched. The band consists of members of the legendary THE CLIQUE and other musicians from the Medway Scene (Bresslaws and Effectives).On the surface, we move somewhere between Mod - Soul - Sixties - R´n`B-Powerpop. But it does not really meet the case because there is much more. Let´s take for example ''Satisfaction'', a twisted version of the Stones hit from 1965, which have by Aunt Nelly more from the Devo cover version from 1977 than from the original but nevertheless sounds damn like the sixties. It´s a real treat! Or ''Purple Haze'' (Jimmi Hendrix 1967), which sounds here as it was recorded at the end of the sixties by bands like WRITING ON THE
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