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U.S. Bombs - Lost in America/Live 2001 (CD)

Disaster Records

The U.S. BOMBS are keeping the true spirit of late seventies punk alive. They ignore current fashions, trends, MTV overexposure and chart positions, and show us what punk was all about in the first place- an antiestablishment attitude. This is the U.S. BOMBS first LIVE album since the band was formed in 1994 by Duane Peters and Kerry Martinez. Recorded somewhere in America during their 2001 tour (this could be your town, amigo), the show captures the two basic elements of a U.S. BOMBS performance: fun and chaos. The recording is loud, noisy, intense, and full of righteous punk attitude. This is the show as it was performed, raw and unleashed, undoctored, with the U.S. BOMBS on top of their game. A true gem for fans of the band and an awesome live album.
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