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Shotgun - Sons Of Rockabilly - CD


If you judge a band by the company it keeps, then Shotgun are up there with the best. As a group, and individually, the four members of Shotgun have shared stages with the biggest names in Rock 'n' Roll from Chuck Berry and Jack Scott, from Charlie Gracie to Mac Curtis. That was not the idea when they got together in the seventies. Their aim was to keep fifties Rock 'n' Roll alive, by playing in the pubs and clubs of their native South London. When the seventies Rock 'n' Roll revival took place, Shotgun had already been doing it for some years. They were well placed to be part of that explosion of renewed interest in Rockin' music, and the calls came from all over the country, and all over Europe. Tours, festivals, and the first weekenders all demanded Shotgun, who proved themselves adept at playing their own sets, writing their own numbers, and backing touring big name artists. Of the second generation, fifties based Rock 'n' Rollers of the nineteen
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