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Peacocks,The - Touch & Go

People Like You

THE PEACOCKS are around forever. Fifteen years or so. They’re cool. THE PEACOCKSlook good. And they love what they do (almost always. Just like the audience). THE PEACOCKS rock and roll, struggle and suffer, lough. They’re on the run and on the road. Round the globe a couple of times. Europe, the , and have been toured. 100 shows every year. Thousands of albums sold and everybody’s ass kicked. Bad Religion, No Means No, Voodoo Glow Skulls, Snuff, Dwarves, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Slackers, Toasters... But THE PEACOCKS are still hungry. Even though their backs hurt from sleeping on floors. Too much cofffee and cigarettes. Always broke. But their albums are great. Punk, Rockabilly, great songs, cool beats, pop but good. THE PEACOCKS are moving on and up. Even online with their website and myspace account. With new good looking merch and a new old van. Pedal to the metal!
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