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Mansic - Everyday Is A Tragedy

I had never heard of Mansic before, until I received an email from the lead singer, Nizze, who asked me to download an mp3 and consider playing it on the show. Normally I’m not very enthusiastic considering messages like this, as it takes me too much time + a cd-r to get a song on the radio. However, Mansic appeared to be a group of punk rock pioneers, who have all passed the 30. This interested me and downloaded the two songs. I’m glad afterwards; as this record is clearly a work of art. It’s hard to describe Mansic’s style. Generally speaking, this is a streetpunk record. Add to that: the band comes from Sweden and Sweden already has tons of quality streetpunk bands. However, Mansic is clearly different, as they manage to pack so much different styles and influences in their music. A possible relative could be Dropkick Murphys, but Mansic’s style is more laid back and doesn’t contain Irish folk. Everyday is a tragedy is definitely folkish though: on some songs they use a violin. This
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