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Los Saicos - Demolicion! (CD)

Munster Records

''With only six singles released between 1965 and 1966, and from an apparently remote place such as Lima, Peru, Los Saicos created a raw, wild and visceral sound, the Southern Hemisphere equivalent of the garage rock that was coming out of the US North West at the same time. Theirs is the same DNA shared by The Sonics, Rocket From The Tombs, The Cramps and Black Lips. This set of all six 45s recorded between 1965-1966 by what must have been the grooviest Peruvians in existence is pretty revelatory. Sure, it’s easy to call yourself Saicos, but to back it up with primitive garage rock, growling Halloween vocals that sound like Lord Sutch before he has his coffee, and genuine strange guitar sounds makes them the real deal, and this a real discovery.
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