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Los Gatos Locos - Even Sociopaths Get The Blues - CD

Zodiac Killer Records

The Undisputed Kingz Of American Psychobilly” are back with their second album. Finally, you WILL be forcefully bound and gagged and thrown in the trunk for the last ride of your life on this sleazy, seedy, Psycho-Bully All-American-Mindfuck of an album! It will “cut you into pieces” and leave a horrible looking corpse. I first heard Los Gatos Locos at the “1st ever NYC Big Rumble” held in New Jersey in 2000, where they played with all of the Great Psycho-bands, Demented Are Go, Batmobile, Nekromantix, and the list goes on. Los Gatos stole the weekend in my opinion playing songs off their first album “Psychobillyun Baptism” and literally making babies cry! When Chuck sang “I am the Zodiac” I was instantly hooked. I left that weekend with their cd and I wore it out. You will do the same with this new one. Psychobilly icons. Still standing, you aint gonna bring us down! Los Gatos Locos started nearly 15 years ago in the new music city of America, Seattle Wa. Immediately shunned by the cl
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