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DRAHK VON TRIP - Heart & Consequence (CD)

Transubstans Records

Here is a band that's worth all of your attention !! A 6 piece band from the very south of Sweden who have been around for a couple of years, but first now released their first effort. A 10 tracker that have it all. Spacey, mysterious, hazardous, dangerous tracks buildt up from jams. Often starts quite calmly, and build up a powerful storm of musical attacks. This band includes violins, flutes, yidakis, didjeribone, vintage synthesisers, space and glissando guitars, and musically they are both progg, artrock, psychedelic and folky at the same time, fronted by sensual female vocals by Susanne. Impossible to categorize, and I could rave on for another page, but do not. But I promise this beats most bands around today, just a total ace !!!!!
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